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6 Week - Virtual Basic Manners THU

Feel like your dog only listens when she wants to? You are not alone and we can help!

Basic Manners class is about the basics AND helping you get the best behavior out of your dog! 

Class will meet online at 9:00 am on the following 6 Saturdays:

September 10, 17, 24th, October 1, 8, 15th, 2020

Whether you are a brand new dog owner who feels a little overwhelmed, or an experienced dog owner who needs a little brushing up ..... this class is for YOU!

Here are some of the things that Basic Manners includes:

Behavior Support - We will help you get rid of the annoying behaviors and build the skills you want your dog to have. 

Concepts that will be introduced during the orientation and then taught during the class through various behaviors are:
    • The importance of criteria so we get clean behaviors
    • Understanding Mass and how it pertains to behavior, without enough mass, our dog's behaviors will fall apart
    • Understanding operant conditioning,
    • Understanding Classical Conditioning and when to use it and when it's having an effect with our dogs
    • The steps of Lure - Reward training to establish great hand signals that are not dependent on having food in your hand
  • Behaviors we'll work on:
    • Sitting in heel position
    • Laying down, generalized behavior, getting rid of the lure (if people are still using it)
    • It's Your Choice - a way of teaching leave it, where it is implied to the dog to NOT touch dropped food, food on tables, etc. It's a great exercise for Therapy dog training.
    • Come when called with strict criteria and following the rules of Operant conditioning, introducing systematic distractions
    • Stay command. how to teach it for any behavior.

Real World Training - We will guide you through the steps to help you get your dog's cues to work out in the "real world" as well as in your kitchen. 

- Class Recordings - Can't make a class? No worries! All classes will be recorded and posted inside the course portal for you to watch any time.

- Private Facebook Community - You will be part of a private Facebook Community for video support and Q&A between our virtual classes. 

We are looking forward to working with you and your dog!